Unos viajeros se mueren


Unos viajeros se mueren is a bitter story in which the protagonists discover, during the night in which the action unfolds, the truth of their destiny and, as it should be, their tragic end.
The work reflects on the condition of the tragic. What defines “the tragic”?
What limit is the one that yields a material into the depths of tragedy? Daniel Veronese’s text reflects on this dilemma without resigning humour.

  • Unos viajeros se mueren (Some Voyagers Die)
    by Daniel Veronese

  • with
    Gabriel Levy
    Javier Lorenzo
    Ricardo Merkin (then, Alberto Suárez)
    Mónica Raiola
    María Inés Sancerni
    Luciano Suardi (then, Lalo Rotaveria)

  • Graphic design
    Gonzalo Martínez

  • Photos
    Guillermo Arengo

  • Music assistants
    Federico Marrale
    Inés Saavedra

  • Assistant director
    Soledad García Valiño
    Mariano Pensotti

  • Press
    Tommy Pashkus

  • Music
    Edgardo Rudnitzky

  • Costumes
    Oria Puppo

  • Set
    Alicia Leloutre & Oria Puppo

  • Lights
    Alejandro Le Roux

  • Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Running time: 80 minutes.

  • World premiere: Season 1999, Sala Callejón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Further presentations:
    Season 2000 at the same venue.