Alejandro Tantanian was born in Buenos Aires in 1966. In 1979 he started his acting studies at the Universidad Popular de Belgrano. Studies expanded and diversified from the beginning of the 80s with teachers as Laura Yusem, Ricardo Monti, Mauricio Kartun, Alicia Scaglia, Norman Briski, Juan Carlos Gené and Augusto Fernandes, among others.
His work at the theatre field began as an actor in the early '80s. Since then, in addition to his acting career, he unfolded his work as a writer, director, régisseur, singer, teacher and translator. He was part of the authors’ collective Caraja-ji and El Periférico de Objetos - paradigmatic independent group of experimental theatre from Argentina.
His works were presented in numerous international theatre festivals and received several national prizes. He was the first Argentinean artist from the theatre field selected for the scholarship Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.
As a playwright, he has been premiered (apart from his fatherland) in Brazil, Uruguay, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Germany. His plays were translated into Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German.
He founded in January 2010 with Cynthia Edul Panorama Sur: platform of exchange and training for artists based in Buenos Aires to serve as artistic director. Project in collaboration with Siemens Arts Program and Goethe Institut.
Since 2015 he works as Curator in Performing Arts at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (MAMBA).
In January 2017, he began his work as Artistic and General Director of the Teatro Nacional Argentino – Teatro Cervantes.