> Teaches at the Playwriting Career, Escuela de Arte Dramático – EAD, where he dictates, since 1996, several seminars: New Writing, Workshop For New Authors, and Playwriting Workshop.
> Writing and Acting Workshops in several provinces of the country organized by the Instituto Nacional de Teatro – INT between the years 1997 and 1999.
> Private Seminars of Playwriting with the collaboration of Daniel Veronese from 1999 to 2001.
> Seminars of Playwriting with the collaboration of Daniel Veronese at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas in the years 2000 and 2001.
> Private Seminars of Playwriting since 2001 to the date.
> Private Theoretical Seminars on New Writing between the years 2003 and 2008.
> Theoretical Seminars on New Writing for the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires - CTBA in the years 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009.
> Seminars of Playwriting for Advanced Pupils from the Direction & Acting Career at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes -IUNA.
> Seminars of Playwriting organized by Argentores (2006/2007).
>Since April 2010 is in charge of the Playwriting Workshop # 4 (last workshop of the programme) in the Post Degree on Playwriting, Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes – IUNA.
> Workshop in the frame of Núcleo de Dramaturgia organized by SESI and British Council, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010.

> Seminars of Playwriting for New Authors in the frame of Panorama Sur since 2010.
>Directs a workshop at the Centro Experimental del Teatro Colón - CETC coordinating a group of writers in order to produce a libretto of an opera based on Ada Falcón (popular tango singer) with music by Lucas Fagin that was premiered in November 2011.
>Participant at the International Symposium of Opera and Libretto organized by Ópera Butxaca / Nueva Creación, Barcelona, Spain, June 2011.
> Seminar on Opera Libretti organized by Opera Butxaca / Nueva Creación, Barcelona, Spain, June 2011.
>Seminar The Forest Harrower (El bosque Harrower) dedicated to actors and directors on David Harrower’s texts, Teatro Fernando Fernán Gómez, Madrid, Spain, March 2012.

> Coordinates the work shop Clinic under South / Extension Panorama La Paz - Bolivia organized by Alternative Space and Goethe Institut - La Paz, June 2014. It is part of the Masters in Creative Writing UNTREF (Tres de Febrero University) created and directed by María Negroni, May / July 2014.

> Seminar in Playwriting in the frame of the Bienal de Arte Joven, Buenos Aires, September / October 2013.

> The forest of the texts: approximations to a dramaturgy on non-theatrical texts; workshop for playwrights and directors in the frame of, Valencia, Spain, September 2014.
> On Blackbird by David Harrower; workshop for actors, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, September 2014.
> Variations around Anna K.; workshop for actors and directors on motifs and scenes from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoi; organised by draft.inn in collaboration with Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain; September 2014.
> Workshop for actors at the Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum (MAMBA) – in the frame of Gabriel Lester’s installation Habitat Sequences – ending in a show called Mi tristeza sería la misma (My sadness should be the same) to be presented during the closing of the exhibition; October- November 2014.
> Variations on Anna Karenina; workshop for actors on motifs and scenes from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy; organised by the Festival Frinje 15 at Matadero Madrid, Spain, July 2015.
> Advisor in the International Platform for the Creation in Musical Theatre, organized by the Goethe-Institut and the Munich Biennale, CABA; July 2015.
> Invited – among other writers – to give a conference in the frame of Seminario Iberoamericano de Dramaturgia Creativa at Centro Cultural Kirchner, CABA, October 2015.
> Conference about Art and Resistance at the Seminar on Armenian Genocide in charge of Professor Juan Pablo Artinian, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UBA, November 2015.
> Presents Yorick a lecture performance on “Infinite Jest”, novel written by David Foster Wallace, Cycle “La Broma Infinita”, La Casona Iluminada, Buenos Aires, July 2016.
> Conference El verbo se hará carne. La palabra y el cuerpo en la escena teatral at FILBA / Montevideo, Uruguay, September 2016.
> Workshop La música del texto (o el texto de la música). Encuentros alrededor de la puesta en escena de textos teatrales y musicales at INAE, Montevideo, Uruguay, August – September 2016.
> Workshop El Bosque de los textos. Aproximaciones a la escritura teatral sobre textos no teatrales at FILBA / Montevideo, Uruguay and FILBA / Buenos Aires, September 2016.
> Participant at the Congreso de Tendencias Escénicas with Ariel Stolier, Ignacio Laviaguerre, Elisabetta Riva and Pablo Silva, Buenos Aires, Universidad de Palermo, February 2017.


Alejandro Tantanian Docencia

Foto: Ernesto Donegana