Todas las canciones de amor (All the love songs)


As you fold a napkin. So it happens with time.
The present of the loss and the discovery are touched, as when joining the ends of a napkin.
I make my present.
Santiago Loza, All the love songs

You came here. * And that's the first thing I want to thank: yes - because among the enormous, gigantic, overflowing theatrical offer of this city you chose us.
Whatever the reason, you're here. And you are reading this maybe before the show begins (or maybe after you've left the theatre and at home, before falling asleep, take a look at this program to remember something, look steadily a photo or read this little text that I am writing in my house, months before the premiere, and that you are reading now).
All this to tell you (besides reiterating my gratitude for having shared with all of us who do All the love songs our show of tonight) that what you are about to see (or what you already saw) also keeps, inside, that mystery unfathomable that is time: the theatre happens in the present - it is, yes, this necessary ceremony, this miracle of communion.
The character that Santiago Loza wrote and that Marilú Marini builds in a unique way is a person like all of us, a person who discovers in this brief trip the blessing of the present; this mother who waits for her son and who accepts that wait recognizes the wonder of the present; understands that this unique moment is the union of all times; and so it is celebrated, happy, accepting its present and accepting itself. She understands that life can also be a celebration.
This work that we build and that you will now see keeps this gift in its interior: the present.
Like this text that I wrote a while ago and you read now.
Like when we join the ends of a napkin.
Welcome to the mystery of life.

Alejandro Tantanian

* The present text was part of the evening program

  • Todas las canciones de amor (All the love songs)
    by Santiago Loza

  • with

    Marilú Marini
    Ignacio Monna
    Diego Penelas
  • Pianist on Stage

    Diego Penelas
  • Executive Production

    Diego Pando
  • Director’s Assistant

    Ernesto Donegana
  • Set and Costume’s Assistants

    Martina Nosetto
    María Belén Buda
  • Songs chosen by

    Diego Penelas
    Alejandro Tantanian
  • Musical Direction and Arrangements

    Diego Penelas
  • Lights

    Oria Puppo, Alejandro Tantanian y Omar Possemato
  • Set and Costume

    Oria Puppo
  • Direction of Production

    Ariel Stolier
  • Produced by

    Pablo Kompel
  • Directed by

    Alejandro Tantanian
  • Running time: 75 minutes

  • Premiere: August 16th, 2016, Sala Pablo Picasso, Paseo La Plaza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Re-opening: July 13th, 2017, Sala Pablo Neruda, Paseo La Plaza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Photos: MilWatts para Paseo La Plaza

  • Winner of the Florencio Sanchez Awards 2016: Best Leading Actress (Marilu Marini)
  • Nomination Maria Guerrero Awards 2016: Best Leading Actress (Marilu Marini)
  • Nomination Teatro del Mundo Awards 2016: Best Set Design (Oria Puppo) & Best Leading Actress (Marilu Marini)
  • Nominations to the Hugo Awards 2017: Best Musical, Best General Direction (Alejandro Tantanian), Best Musical Direction (Diego Penelas), Best Book (Santiago Loza), Best Musical Arrangements (Diego Penelas), Best Leading Actress (Marilu Marini), Male Revelation (Ignacio Monna)
  • Nominations ACE Awards 2017: Best Comedy, Best Leading Actress in Comedy (Marili Marini) y Best Director in Comedy (Alejandro Tantanian).