El Rastro


El Rastro (The Trace) is, first, a novel by Margo Glantz. Then, an obsession of Analia (Couceyro) and, as the theater is viral, that obsession was finally mine.
Together we will shape this twilight melodrama called El Rastro.
The bolero, certain pieces of Bach and some tangos are the text and the music of this unique novel.
And they all embody the heart.
El Rastro is a scenic melodrama for one voice, a joyful description of the effects of music on the soul and the body.
El Rastro is an inquiry into what we call heart, is a farewell, a requiem for a single voice, a desperate bolero, a tango.
So, here is El Rastro.
Alejandro Tantanian.

  • El Rastro (The Trace)
    Theatre adaptation by Analía Couceyro with the collaboration of Alejandro Tantanian
    Based on the novel by Margo Glantz.
  • with
    Analía Couceyro
    Rafael Delgado

  • Production
    Mónica Paixao

    Graphic Design
    Nicolás Lodigiani

  • Director’s Assistants
    Ernesto Donegana & Ignacio Bartolone

  • Music and musician alive
    Rafael Delgado

  • Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Running time: 45 minutes

  • Premiere: February 14th, 2014; Museo del Libro y de la Lengua, Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Other performances: April - July 2014, Teatro El Extranjero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Photos: Ernesto Donegana

    • Teatro del Mundo 2014 Award to the Best Actress (Analía Couceyro)
      Winner to Fiesta de Teatro CABA 2015 (organised by the INT – National Theatre Institute)
      Participant to the Fiesta Nacional de Teatro 2015 (organised by the INT)
      Winner of Premios XXI – GETEA 2014 in the category Best Leading Actress (Analía Couceyro)
      Nominee to Premios ACE 2014 in the category Best Performance in Sole Showl (Analía Couceyro)
      Nominee to Premios ACE 2014 in the category Mejor Música Original (Rafael Delgado)