Patricio Contreras dice Nicanor Parra


Times are always urgent. That seems to be told through the voice of the poets. And we often use the singular: "voice" in order to give a name to that collective we called poets. And that voice, the one that speaks beyond time and in time: a voice in exile, an awaiting voice, a patient one; waiting to be heard, to be said, to be aroused from its state of writing. That’s the question: to offer a voice to the word: nothing simpler, nothing more desperate, nothing more useless, nothing more essential. Nicanor Parra’s voice, then, in Patricio Contreras’s voice. Nicanor Parra plays while he writes and Patricio Contreras does the same. Nicanor shows us that he’s a poet and a man, Patricio is an actor and a man too: both show off their art’s artifice and transform it in pure intensity. Nicanor writes in order to be read in a loud voice. Patricio speaks in order to be heard. The poet and the voice this time are two and we return to the plural.
It is said, too, that poetry is music and for this we include some music in this show. The human voice "climbs" to singing when the spoken word is not enough, when the emotion closes our throats and there is no other destiny than howling. The desperate word is a song. We also have some songs to offer: desperate, urgent, necessary songs.
The space is naked and the words, the music, the voice, Nicanor and Patricio will know how to dress it. We crave for that.
And we do know: life is craving.

Alejandro Tantanian.

  • Patricio Contreras dice Nicanor Parra (Patricio Contreras says Nicanor Parra)
    An evening created by Patricio Contreras, Diego Penelas & Alejandro Tantanian

  • with

    Patricio Contreras
  • and

    Felipe Díaz
    Juan Gabriel Miño
    Camilo Polotto
  • Graphic Design

    Nicolás Lodigiani
  • Photos

    Ernesto Donegana
  • Director’s Assistant

    Alberto Antonio Romero
  • Press

    Débora Lachter
  • Production

    Mónica Paixao
  • Texts Selection

    Patricio Contreras
  • Original music, musical direction & piano

    Diego Penelas
  • Space, Lights & Direction

    Alejandro Tantanian
  • Running Time: 60 minutes

  • Premiere: March 13th, 2015, Sala Solidaridad, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Buenos Aires, Argentina