Nada del amor me produce envidia


A seamstress prepares a dress disputed by Libertad Lamarque and Eva Peron: symbols of a faced country.
And as sewing and garment evolves the story of a wounded being in her absolute solitude arises.
A woman who has the voice of those who stay silent and quiet.
A woman of  tiny words and small gestures that, when least expected, burst and become enormous, as a vital all-consuming blaze.
An urban legend nourished by gossips and whispers hidden in kitchens, pantries and hairdressers.

  • Nada del amor me produce envidia (Nothing About Love Make Me Envious)
    by Santiago Loza

  • with
    Soledad Silveyra

  • Press
    Walter Duche / Alejandro Zarate

  • Set Construction
    Laura Poletti / Agustin Ravotti - DIDAC ESTUDIO

  • Photo & Graphic Design
    Jimena Salvatierra

  • Vocal Trainer
    Lic. Graciela Hernández

  • Dresser
    Juan Montero

  • Set and Costume Assistant
    Mariela Solari

  • Lights Assistant
    Christian Gadea

  • Opening Video
    Eloísa Solaas / Francisco Lezama from the Museum of Cinema Pablo Ducrós Hicken

  • Closing Video
    Invocando a Brakhage, por Milton

  • General Assistant
    Ernesto Donegana

  • Executive Production
    Mano Szereszevsky

  • General Production
    Lino Patalano / Teatro Maipo

  • Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires


    Guillermo Perulan
  • Lights
    Omar Possemato

  • Set & Costume
    Graciela Galán

  • Musicalization & Stage Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian


    Running Time: 65 minutes

  • Premiere: July 1st, 2013; Teatro Maipo, Buenos Aires, Argentina