La Libertad


Tonight I'm alone at night.
As an insomniac nun, black, homeless.
I do not defend my isolation: I defend the isolation of mankind in the world.
If the masses are entitled to assert themselves, why not my loneliness?
I have the right because I have one and a very short life.
I do not care about any future because future is an empty and threatening place.
I look to the other way; I lovingly turn my head back, at the risk of killing and dying myself.
I'm ashamed to defend the right of men to loneliness because those that really matter have been lonely, and I am the youngest among them.
Is not my fault if I cannot stand romance, towards which everything moves.
I bring words from afar and they take me away.
Like a letter or a song.
In a lie match all our possible lives.
Time will know what I do.

  • La libertad / Freiheit (Freedom)
    by Ariel Farace, Alejandro Tantanian & Martín Tufró
    German translation by Tanja Olbricht

  • with
    Analía Couceyro
    Ariel Farace

  • Photo exhibition
    Ernesto Donegana

  • Video
    Ariel Farace & Martín Tufró

  • Video testimony
    Tom Weber

  • Direction and production assistant
    Martín Tufró

  • Lights
    Jorge Pastorino

  • Set & costumes
    Oria Puppo

  • Musicalization and direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Work committed by 14. Internationale Schillertage
    A Nationaltheater Mannheim production with the support from Akademie Schloss Solitude & Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires

  • Running time: 70 minutes.

  • Premiere: June 16th, 2007, Probezentrum Neckarau, Nationaltheater Mannheim in the frame of the 14.Internationale Schillertage, Mannheim, Germany


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Photos: Ernesto Donegana