Las Islas


"What is a ghost? (...) One who has faded into impalpability by death, absence or change of habits. "
James Joyce, Ulysses

Felipe Felix, then, ex – soldier from Falklands War, leading role of Las Islas, now hacker, walks his ghost’s impalpability in the material hell of the 90's. His past does not seem to matter anyone, his present is used by Tamerlan (the great impresario demiurge) for personal plans and his future is predicted livable between the holes that power enables. Felipe Felix: the fly caught in the spider-web. Tamerlan: the spider. And the Islands, of course: those two spots that know how to take the shapes of our desire as a Nation, as an Empire, as ghosts: the Islands, those two spots on any map that, as soon as they will be ours again, will give us back the stolen happiness. Unfairly, of course.
Alejandro Tantanian

  • Las Islas (The Islands)
    by Carlos Gamerro

  • Cast (by order of appearance)

    Master of Ceremony
    Julián Vilar

  • Doctor Canal, psychoanalyst
    Pablo Seijo

  • Felipe Félix, hacker, ex-soldier at the Falklands War
    Diego Velázquez

  • Bodyguard 1
    Alejandro Genes

  • Bodyguard 2
    Alan Darling

  • Fausto Tamerlán, German, Alemán, entrepreneur
    Luis Ziembrowski

  • César Tamerlán, Tamerlán’s son
    Nahuel Cano

  • Daniel, ghost - then Fausto Tamerlán (Jr)
    Juan Pablo Galimberti

  • Rubén, ghost
    Ernesto Donegana

  • Chanino, ghost
    Matías Barki

  • Lieutenant Coronel Héctor P. Verraco, military
    Julián Vilar

  • Tomás, ex-soldier at the Falklands War
    Alejandro Genes

  • Sergio, ex-soldier at the Falklands War
    Alan Darling

  • Gloria, ex Cuervo’s wife
    Analía Couceyro

  • Malvina, Gloria and Cuervo’s daughter
    Denisse Van der Ploeg

  • Soledad, Gloria and Cuervo’s daughter
    Lucila Casalis

  • Major Arturo Cuervo, military
    Iván Moschner 

  • Mrs Verraco, Héctor P. Verraco’s mother
    Pablo Seijo

  • English soldier
    Alan Darling

  • English soldier’s voice
    Ian Barnett

  • Musicians on stage
    Diego Penelas (piano, keyboards, voices, pre recorded sounds and musical direction)
    Rodrigo Quirós (drums, percussion and voices)
    Cecilia Zabala (electric guitar, spanish guitar, kalimba and voices)
    Alfredo Zuccarelli (cello)
Sebastián Holz (singer)
  • Artistic collaborator
    Mariano Tenconi Blanco

  • Second artistic assistant
    Juan Facundo Corti

  • Assistant director
    Ana María Converti

  • Set consultant
    Duilio Della Pittima

  • Video edition
    Producción audiovisual CTBA

  • Coordination of production
    Rosalía Celentano

  • Documentary film
    Fabio Pallero

  • Voice in the documentary film
    Pablo Seijo

  • Videos and projections
    Sebastián Gordín

  • Choreography
    Diego Velázquez

  • Vocal training
    Sebastián Holz

  • Musical conception
    Alejandro Tantanian & Diego Penelas

  • Music
    Diego Penelas

  • Costumes
    Marina De Caro

  • Lights
    Alejandro Le Roux

  • Set
    Sebastián Gordín

  • Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Running time: 135 minutes.

  • Premiere: April 27th, 2011, Teatro Alvear, Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires (CTBA), Argentina
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Photos: Carlos Furman & Ernesto Donegana

  • Teatro del Mundo 2011 Awards for Best adaptation (Carlos Gamerro and Alejandro Tantanian)
    Florencio Sánchez 2011 Award for the Best Director (Alejandro Tantanian)
    Florencio Sánchez 2011 Award for the Best Supporting Actress (Analía Couceyro)
    Nominee in several categories to Maria Guerrero 2011 Awards including Best Supporting Actor (Diego Velázquez) and Best Director (Alejandro Tantanian)