La escala humana


Working in someone else’s home
To write and direct a play between three persons meant a lot and also meant nothing.
In this process there was neither multiplication of the individual aesthetics nor concessions of any kind. We just had a rare harmony in which three people visit an alien territory: the amazing land of “someone else”
Once implemented the system of rules and counter rules someone who really does not seem at all the product of the sum of the three writes and directs the show.
As one who is traveling in a foreign country but in the friendly company of others, others who are supposed to have the map and, like any map, it is false.
What do all writers want?

1) Be someone else when you write.

2)Tell one that the maddest whims are needs of the structure.

3)Read one’s text and not recognise yourself: rather "know" someone new, dangerously new and unknown, someone who for once does not kill us with boredom.

All that happened during this year's work with La escala humana.

Javier Daulte, Rafael Spregelburd & Alejandro Tantanian


  • La escala humana (The Human Scale)
    by Javier Daulte, Rafael Spregelburd & Alejandro Tantanian

  • with
    María Onetto
    (later Mónica Raiola)

  • Leandro
    Gabriel Levy

  • Silvi
    María Inés Sancerni

  • Nene
    Héctor Díaz

  • Norberto Suardi
    Rafael Spregelburd

  • Off voices
    Nina Righi

  • Niño
    Max Edelstein

  • Asistente SAS
    Mirta Busnelli

  • Mujer
    Cristina Banegas

  • Fernando
    Mauricio Kartun

  • Mayers
    Alberto Segado

  • Light operator
    Mariano Dobrysz

  • Assistant director
    Julieta Álvarez

  • Sound design
    Nicolás Varchausky

  • Songs
    Javier Daulte, Rafael Spregelburd. Alejandro Tantanian & Nicolás Varchausky

  • Music
    Nicolás Varchausky

  • Lights
    Diego Angeleri

  • Costumes
    Julieta Álvarez

  • Set
    Jorge Macchi  & Oscar Carballo

  • Direction
    Javier Daulte, Rafael Spregelburd & Alejandro Tantanian

    La Escala Humana is a coproduction between Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires (CTBA) and Hebbel-Theater, Berlin, Germany.

  • Running time: 110 minutes.
    Premiere: Season 2001, Teatro Callejón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Show presented at the National Program of the III Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA), September 2001.

  • Further presentations:
    Season 2002, Teatro El Portón de Sánchez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • International presentations:
    2001: Hebbel- Theater, Berlin, Germany
    Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany
    Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro (FIT), Cádiz, Spain
    2002: Festival de Caracas, Venezuela
    Festival de Londrina, Brazil
    Festival de Manizales, Colombia
    Festival de Otoño in Madrid, Spain
    Season in the city of Stockholm
    Public reading in the Festival Mousson d’Eté, Pont á Mousson, France,

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Photos: Carlos Furman & otros

  • ACE awards (given by the Theatre Critics’ Association) to the theatrical production 2000/2001 as the Best Argentinean Play of the year.
    Nominated to the same Awards for Best Off Show and Best Leading Actress in an Off Production.
    Winner of the Clarín Awards to the best Theatre Productions of 2001 in the Best Actress category (María Onetto).
    Winner of the María Guerrero Awards 2001 as the Best Play of the Year
    Nominee to the same Awards in the Best Actress category (María Onetto)
    Nominated to the Trinidad Guevara Awards 2001 in the following categories: Best Play and Feminine Revelation (María Onetto)
    Nominated to Teatro del Mundo Awards in the category Best Set Design (Jorge Macchi)
    Winner of the Teatro del Mundo Awards in the categories Best Actress (María Onetto) and Best Playwright (Daulte, Spregelburd & Tantanian)