Dedos, el musical


Dedos, el musical is the result of a several hands’ surgery operated by an international team of surgeons. Based on a text born in Spain, doctors Ortiz de Gondra, Moguilevsky and Tantanian sectioned the resurrected body to do it in Argentina with new members and a complete different spirit. On the transatlantic route there have been many emails, several partying in Buenos Aires and Madrid, lots of music and an immense quantity of shared readings. Now the body has been redone on this side of the Ocean with perverse pleasure. If we can infect those who come to watch us with some of this pleasure we will have achieved our goal.
Borja Ortiz de Gondra


  • Dedos, el musical (Fingers, The Musical)
    Libretto: Borja Ortiz de Gondra / Music: Marcelo Moguilevsky
    (Argentinean premiere)

    Argentinean version
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Cast
    Los Fantásticos Cuatro (The Fantastic Four)
    (by appearance order)
    Susana Pampín
    Javier Lorenzo
    Alberto Suárez
    Analía Couceyro

  • Production coordinator
    Gustavo Schraier

  • Assistant director
    María Leiva
    Rubén Pinta

  • Costume assistant
    Cecilia Zuvialde

  • Choreography assistant
    Carmen Pereiro

  • Video edition
    Producción Audiovisual del CTBA

  • Video
    Diego Lerman

  • Choreography
    Adriana Irigoyen

  • Rhythmical versions of the texts
    Moguilevsky - Tantanian

  • Songs from scenes IX, XII, XV y XVI
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Musical direction
    Marcelo Moguilevsky

  • Lights
    Gonzalo Córdova

  • Set and costumes
    Oria Puppo

  • Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • The short film “Vuelve una vieja peste...” (An old pest returns) was specially filmed in Super 8 by Diego Lerman for this play.

  • Off voices / Video
    María Laura Berch - Gustavo Schraier

  • The song “El saludo” (The bow) is sung by Alejandro Tantanian.

  • Running time: 90 minutes

  • Argentinean premiere: September 2002, Sala Cunill Cabanellas, Teatro San Martin, Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires (CTBA), Argentina

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Photos: Carlos Furman

  • Clarín Award to the best Theatre Productions of 2002 in the category Feminine Revelation (Analía Couceyro).
    Show nominee for the María Guerrero Awards 2002 in the category Best Set Design (Oria Puppo)