Cliff (Acantilado)


Cliff (Acantilado) combines universes giving as a result a particular poetic: on one side Hollywood movies of the 50s, the figure of Montgomery Clift and his sad story: a star on the Hollywood firmament - alcoholic, living his homosexuality as an stigma and then the accident with his car that demanded terrible reconstructive operations and put him away from the major studios and the star system-; on the other side the big effort, the desired dream of being Treplev in The Seagull with Elizabeth Taylor, desire that became the engine of his life: the possibility of happiness, acting as the space where dreams can be fulfilled: to re-enter the theatre by Chekhov's hand: the dream that can save or sink all: the desire - yes, at the end - unsatisfied.
This is the story of a fall: this tragedy will give us the certainty of human weakness - a weakness masterly portrayed, among others, by Chekhov. Clift as a martyr.

  • Cliff (Acantilado)
    (Argentinean premiere)
    by Alberto Conejero
  • Version by Alejandro Tantanian with the collaboration of Mariano Tenconi Blanco and Nahuel Cano
  • with
    Nahuel Cano
    as Montgomery Clift

  • Executive producer
    Victoria Murphy

  • Graphic design
    Leandro Ibarra

  • Press

  • Assistant director
    Mariano Tenconi Blanco & Gisel Robles

  • Music chosen by
    Alberto Conejero & Alejandro Tantanian

  • Choreography
    Celia Argüello Rena

  • Video
    Santiago Brunati

  • Lights
    Oria Puppo & Alejandro Tantanian

  • Set and costumes
    Oria Puppo

  • Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Running time: 70 minutes

  • Argentinean premiere: May 19th, 2012, Teatro El Extranjero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Photos: Ernesto Donegana

  • Nominee for the Florencio Sánchez Awards 2012 for Best Male Actor In A Solo Show (Nahuel Cano)