Carlos W. Saénz (1956 - )


Which is the border between reality and fiction? Which is the real kingdom of biography? Which are the elements that can build reality? Which is the construction of reality? Or to put everything in one question: what is reality?
The enigma is in the name.  There are some traces of this unbelievable character that were left in his country: Argentina. We tried to look through them. The remains of a life: letters, videos, photographs, some music, and two or three works of art… Everything is exposed in order to rebuild a memory. The work of reconstructing Carlos W. Sáenz’s life is an operatic intent and his masterwork - The Theatre of Melancholy  - is his mirror and his image. 
How this improbable building was imagined? Was it true that some corpses lied beneath the ground in order to support the construction? Was it true that those corpses belonged to sad people? Did Sáenz himself create all these theories?
If you want to know the truth: follow the traces of Sáenz’s life: you can find a ghost story, a love story, a true story, a false story, a thriller, a biography, a musical piece: the invention of reality: reality itself.

  • Carlos W. Saénz (1956 -     )
    by Alejandro Tantanian
  • with
    Ernesto Berardino
    Hendrik De Smedt
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Off voices
    María Marta Colusi & Luciano Suardi

  • Actor in video
    Eduardo Gazzotti

  • Set assistant
    Ernesto Donegana

  • Lights
    Alejandro Le Roux

  • Sound designer and composer on stage
    Edgardo Rudnitzky

  • Space design, objects, photos and videos 
    Jorge Macchi

  • Text and direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

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Photos: Imágenes de archivo, Alejandro Le Roux & Ernesto Donegana