Almas Ardientes


Because it is a very great pity never say what you feel…
Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

What always happened, happened; the same happened every evening of their lives.
Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

Burning Souls recounts a day in the life of nine women. A day like any other day. Until the extraordinary bursts with the violence of the unexpected. Burning Souls is a kind of negative Bildungsroman: our women discover the existence of the otherness; they understand - for the first time - that beyond the protection of their homes something, perhaps, may include them. Burning Souls is a giant earthquake in the hearts of these women, an awakening, a journey towards silence and awareness and also, of course, the happiness of seeing together on stage these nine women, braving the storm and having a great time.

Alejandro Tantanian

  • Almas ardientes(Burning Souls)
    de Santiago Loza

  • with

    Mirta Busnelli
    María Onetto
    Analía Couceyro
    Stella Galazzi
    Maricel Álvarez
    Gaby Ferrero
    Eugenia Alonso
    Paula Kohan
    Santiago Gamardo
  • Musicians on Stage

    Diego Penelas (piano)
    Emiliano Álvarez (clarinete, saxo soprano, clarinete bajo)
    Rafael Delgado (cello)
  • General Production

    Gustavo Schraier
  • ADirector’s Assistant

    Cecilia Acosta
  • Artistic Assistants

    Ernesto Donegana & Anabella Bacigalupo
  • Costume Designer Assistant

    César Taibo
  • Set Designer Assistant

    Mónica Paixao
  • Music and Musical Direction

    Diego Penelas
  • Video

    Eduardo Crespo & Vasko Films
  • Lights

    Jorge Pastorino
  • Costume and Set

    Oria Puppo
  • Direction

    Alejandro Tantanian
  • Running Time: 120 minutes

  • Premiere: September 4th, 2014; Sala Casacuberta, Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Photos: Ernesto Donegana & Carlos Furman

  • Teatro del Mundo Award 2014: Best Actress (Analía Couceyro)
  • Two nominations to the Florencio Sánchez Awards 2014: Best Supporting Actress (Mirta Busnelli and Analía Couceyro)