In charge of the Program of Authors Exchange in Argentina. Exchange and Residency of French, English and Argentinean playwrights with headquarters in France: Mousson d'Eté, Pont a Mousson; United Kingdom: National Theatre, London and Argentina: Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires – FIBA (2003).

Program that allowed the circulation of some British and French texts in Argentina (David Harrower, Gregory Burke and Fabrice Melquiot, among others, were released for the first time in the country) as well as some Argentinean texts were premiered in France and in UK (Marcelo Bertuccio, Luis Cano and Rafael Spregelburd were some of the authors selected). This activity ended with the publication of a book of free distribution that included four works (two from France and two from the UK) translated by local authors: Patricia Zangaro, Javier Daulte, Ignacio Apolo and Beatriz Catani.