A wax figure (A swan? A man?) perched on the water
During the unfolding of the opera the figure is disarmed, diluted, vanished
A water surface, lighted from below with white light
The singer's feet in the water
Water: a rectangle eight inches wide and several meters long
In a screen some images are projected
While the audience gets is the singer is sitting with her feet in the water. We can read Lohengrin by Salvatore Sciarrino on the screen
Other images: white surface / bell / serum / stairs / sky / water / hips /
The musicians behind the singer, aligned
Standing or sitting, as more appropriate
The chorus in chairs in front of the water
There, in front of the singer, other empty chairs
Alejandro Tantanian


  • Lohengrin
    by Salvatore Sciarrino
    (Argentinean premiere)

  • with
    Lía Ferenese as Elsa / Lohengrin

  • Set and costumes
    Oria Puppo

  • Lights
    Jorge Pastorino

    Ensemble Opera Nova (Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Musical direction
    Pierre Strauch

  • Stage direction
    Alejandro Tantanian

  • Running time: 55 minutes.

  • Premiere: November 2003, Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón, (CETC), Buenos Aires, Argentina