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Anything Goes is a hilarious comedy set in the mid-30s in the S. S. American, luxury cruise between the cities of New York and London.
Aboard the S. S. American we find the stowaway Billy Crocker who will do anything to win his beloved Hope Harcourt - heiress committed to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.
Billy enlists the help of her friend Reno Sweeney who - along with “the-non-so-dangerous” gangster Moonface Martin  - design one and a thousand delusional strategies to achieve the elusive goal: Billy should win Hope’s heart.

The amazing Cole Porter’s songs and the unique rhythm of the plot transform Anything Goes in of the classic musicals of the twentieth century.
Anything Goes is presented for the first time in Argentine and is the premiere of this piece in Spanish language.


  • Anything Goes

  • Music & Lyrics
    Cole Porter

  • Original Book
    P.G.Woodhouse & Guy Bolton y Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse

  • New Book
    Timothy Crouse & John Weidman

    Originally produced by the Lincoln Center Theatre, New York City

  • with
    Reno Sweeney
    Florencia Peña

  • Moonface Martin
    Enrique Pinti

  • Billy Crocker
    Diego Ramos

  • Elisha Whitney
    Roberto Catarineu

  • Hope Harcourt
    Josefina Scaglione

  • Lord Evelyn Oakleigh
    Martín Salazar

  • Evangeline Harcourt
    Noralih Gago

  • Erma
    Sofía Pachano

  • Captain
    Mariano Muso

  • Purser
    Leo Bosio

  • Luke
    Ezequiel Carrone

  • John
    Fernando Avalle

  • Ensemble
    Mara Moyano
    Victoria Barnfather
    Romina Cecchettini
    Flavia Pereda
    Carla Lanzi
    Ana Laura López
    Pedro Frías
    Marcos Gorosito
    Mariano Botindari
    Rodrigo Cecere
    Nicolás Villalba
    Mauricio Camuglia

    Hernán Matorra
    Fernando Valles
    Fernando Galimany
    Sergio Wagner
    Bernardo Monk
    Martín Pantyrer
    Franco Espíndola

    Stage Manager
    Sebastián Irigo & Alejandro Cayrús

  • Production Managers
    Andrés Parodi / Pablo Tubio

  • Executive Production
    Maxi Córdoba

  • Text Adaptation
    Fernando Masllorens & Federico González del Pino

  • Songs Adaptation
    Marcelo Kotliar / Alejandro Tantanian

  • Musical Arrangements
    Mariano Otero

    Musical Direction
    Hernán Matorra

  • Lights
    Jorge Pastorino

  • Costume
    Pablo Battaglia

  • Set
    Oria Puppo

  • Choreography
    Vanesa García Millán & Rodrigo Cristofaro

  • General Production
    Javier Faroni

  • General Direction
    Alejandro Tantanian


    Runing time: 130 minutes with one pause.

    Premiere: July 5th, 2013; Teatro El Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Post presentations:
    Summer Season 2013-2014, Teatro Auditorium, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Photos: Ernesto Donegana

  • Nominated to the Hugo Awards 2013 in the following categories: Best Costume Design (Pablo Battaglia), Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (Sofía Pachano), Best Supporting Actor in a Musical (Martín Salazar) and Best Leading Actress in a Musical (Florencia Peña).
    13 nominations to the Estrella de Mar Awards 2014 including: Best Musical, Best Leading Actress (Florencia Peña) and Best Leading Actor (Enrique Pinti and Diego Ramos), among others.
    Winner of 7 Estrella de Mar Awards 2014 including: Best Musical and Best Artistic Production, among others.